Dogs and Pups

Rather than putting your dog through the often emotionally stressful and physically risky experience of kennel boarding, allow your dog to receive personalized and diligent care, attention, and socialization all in the comfort of his or her own home.

Apart from the physical risks of bordatella (kennel cough) and other ailments, kennel boarding is not often a positive or developmentally encouraging experience for dogs.

Through In-Home Dog Sitting your dog can enjoy his or her regular diet and exercise regiment, uninterrupted under the expert care that I provide through Faithful Critter Sitters and with whom your dog is already familiar.

Be as faithful to your pup as he is to you.


Cats and Kits

Cats, probably even more so than dogs, are creatures of habit. They are much more comfortable staying where the sights, sounds and smells are familiar to him or her.

With In-Home Cat Sitting your cat can enjoy his or her regular diet,  their normal lounging and hiding spots, uninterrupted under the expert care that I provide through Faithful Critter Sitters.


Exotic & Avian Sitting

When your pets tend to be on the exotic side, finding someone to care for them while you are away can be a real challenge. There are a lot of pet sitters out there who are comfortable looking after cats and dogs, but they may not be so keen on handling more unusual pets or their food, depending on the pet! Many areas have pet sitting services, but these are often geared towards dogs and cats and finding someone knowledgeable about exotic pets can be tricky.

Having them boarded at a boarding facility carries the risk of exposure to animals carrying contagious diseases. Also, keep in mind that your pets might be significantly stressed by moving them to a place where the routines and noises are different from your home.

I have owned numerous exotics throughout the years as well as pet-sitting for an abundance of them now including rabbits, birds, lizards, snakes, turtles, etc.